Despite being a fast growth company, we are still a SME (here is a definition – surprised?) and whether you are a startup, a long established company or a sole trader, you are probably one as well.

We started developing our own sites in the early 2000’s, initially using shared hosting accounts, but, very quickly using our own servers, first VPS’s (i.e. an independent shared part of a big server) and soon after unique hardware in data centres.  As we added more sites and introduced our clients sites, we began to understand more about what the ‘average’ SME site involves and its hosting needs.

We know how much space they require, how much bandwidth they consume, what software they use and so much more.  On this basis, we calculated what the real cost of the hosting element is, what the extra cost for additional storage and more databases, how many email accounts companies use and how much storage they need and, being honest, it is not as much as some other hosting companies make out.

It suddenly dawned on us that we can be a disruptive player in this market and deliver what small businesses need.

We also understand that when starting and growing a business, finances can be tight and you have to watch every penny that you spend.  That is why we developed a simple pricing structure:

  • no enticing sweetners and deals with 4-500% price increases after a short period of time
  • no repeating hosting payments
  • no prohibitive contracts
  • Increase hosting specifications when you need to at a very modest cost

Lifetime Hosting UK gives you the best value hosting available with UK based servers (let us know if you know better) and, whilst able to meet the needs of almost every SME, we also have the ability increase your hosting specifications to grow with your requirements, whilst delivering unbeatable value..