‘Cloud computing’ is a buzzword that means different things to different people and is constantly being abused by many companies who are trying to confuse you – they say that they are ‘in the cloud’ to sound trendy, but, in reality, are only just on the web.  To many this may seem like the same thing,  but the difference is the infrastructure that is used.

In the old days, websites were hosted on single servers, which are basically specially specified computers running special software.   Whilst a majority of websites across the world are hosted on these single server set ups (there is nothing really wrong with this, but it has its own set of scaleablity issues) many of the new software services and apps are being delivered via cloud systems, which has a number of advantages.

Going boring for a moment, cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing resources, which can be scaled.  This means that you can add capacity, computing power, memory etc as and when required, even in short bursts.

At Lifetime Hosting UK we have partnered with Amazon the global leader and innovators in cloud services  and, importantly, based our cloud servers running SSD hard drives in London.  This means that connectivity will be faster, the site will be delivered quicker and, importantly, you and your clients data is a little bit more secure (do you know where the servers are based when you type your details into a websites?).