You may be wondering why other companies do not offer hosting for a single payment and the answer is simple – you know no better and they can get away with it!

The price of server hardware, connectivity bandwidth, server rooms etc has continually fallen in real terms over the past few years and, combined with the development of cloud computing, it has become more flexible to manage and develop.  It is not in the interest of established, big hosting companies to pass these reductions over as once they have got you signed up, there is a big chance that you will not look at changing things, so they keep on overcharging you.

At Lifetime Hosting UK, we not only host websites of our business clients (these are not just web hosting clients, but companies that other parts of our group have a deeper relationship with), but we also host a lot of websites of our own, essential to the running of our business operations.  This means that we need great performance and reliability to make sure that we have the best service, so we have invested in the best infrastructure to ensure we deliver.   So, what we have done is invest in true cloud infrastructure with the global leaders – Amazon.  This has not only given us an amazing amount of computing power for our sites, plenty of our capacity for our clients, but the ability to extend the hosting to you, fellow small business owners, entrepreneurs and the self employed.  Importantly, it means that we grow the server as capacity demands (currently, we could host a few thousands websites with any upgrades) and start new servers in seconds.  It also means that your important data is more secure, with state of the art SSD hard drives, regular backups and RAID arrays.

The bottom line is that even if your site was not on the same server as our essential business sites we would take great care with it.  However, it will be – if you have a problem, we have a problem – on that basis, neither of us will have a problem!